Vix and Marcus’ Summer Wedding Part 1 – The Electric Picture Palace, Southwold

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So last summer I had the absolute pleasure of working with the wonderful Vix and Marcus, I knew it was going to be an amazing wedding from the off, Vix (and Marcus) had such a passion for wedding planning, no stone would be left unturned in the meticulous planning of their day! What made the wedding even more special was that it took place over two days… Day one, Friday, was the official, legal wedding ceremony at the amazing¬†Electric Picture Palace in Southwold, if you don’t know about it check it out, it’s the most beautiful and unique vintage cinema!

After the ceremony we walked down to the beach, taking some photos on the way. After a good old fashioned fish and chips on the beach everyone enjoyed a bit of french cricket. All in all a perfect beach day in Southwold, throwing in the odd bit of marriage! Day two was back at Marcus’ family farm in Suffolk for the ‘proper’ wedding day. And it’s worth checking back for, it was beautiful, all the intensive wedding research paid off (is there a word for that? There should be, there’s wedmin, what about wedsearch – a bit too much like wordseach, not sure it’ll catch on…), it should be up some time in the next week…

But no point living in the future, for now enjoy this from the Electric Picture Palace in Southwold…