Victoria and Harry’s Summer Norwich Cathedral Wedding

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Victoria and Harry’s Summer Norwich Cathedral Wedding

Well I’m finally getting around to blogging this summer’s work. Next year I’m going to try and do it as I go along rather than leave it all to the last Autumnal minute! So here we begin with Victoria and Harry’s Norwich Cathedral Wedding.

However, it is lovely for me to look back on the last year and to remember all these amazingly special moments from my fantastic client’s weddings. Summer is special. So is the rest of the year, I love watching the seasons change, seeing the garden evolve from the green, bright, peak of summer to the wet muddy, twiggy, dark depths of winter. And I love it all, I find it all comforting in it’s own way. But… Summer is what it’s all about!

It was a real honour to photograph Victoria and Harry’s amazing wedding at Norwich Cathedral, such a calming and magnificant ancient building. I always find it awe inspiring working in such places. To think that the Normons built the Cathedral a thousand years ago and we’re still using it in such reverent ways is wonderful. The solemnity was powerful. It really fitted with the whole feeling of the day. Marriage is an empowering institution and one to honour.

The day itself was just perfect, sunny and warm, the flowers were blooming, children were playing, champaigne and Pimms were being consumed. Just the epitomy of a perfect English summer wedding.

Congratulations Victoria and Harry!


August 24, 2015