Travels across the continent…

I’ve put together some images of my travels across Europe (and into Turkey) over the last decade. This series very much concentrates on the places rather than the people: in complete contrast to most of my work on this website the people act rather as accessories to the buildings and the landscapes.


It’s been a joy to put these photos together and it certainly gives me itchy feet.


From a technical perspective it’s amazing how much camera technology has come on over the last 10 years, shooting at ISO 1600 on my old Nikon D70 was massively pushing it but it still created amazing images. Nowadays I shoot at 6400 on my D750 and think nothing of it. And my little Fujifilm X70 which literally fits in my pocket can totally keep up with the best of them.


Countries photographed below (in no particular order): Germany, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal


Coming soon: my black and white 35mm collection from my travels in Africa almost 12 years ago. I just need to get on the scanning!


Now to plan another adventure…



January 22, 2021