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Norfolk Lifestyle Photography – Nature Love

I love nature, I love being outdoors and I love photographing outdoors in nature! In fact my passion for photography probably grew out of my passion for being outdoors. I was always carrying a camera round with me as a kid, taking photos of everything that made me feel good: clouds, trees, sunsets, friends, buildings, stuff…

Being outside is interesting, everything’s different and everything constantly changes. Seasons change, plants grow and colonise new areas, light changes, animals do things, people do things. You can go to the same place everyday of the year and everyday something will be different. Something will be new. Something will intrigue you. If you want it to that is…

I love photographing people outdoors in nature, I love the wonderment, the amazement, the exploration, the discovery. You can be a constant child in nature. You can always learn.

It’s great looking back at the photos from a shoot, seeing that wonderment and that discovery and seeing that love, for each other and for the world!

Good times!


August 7, 2014