Museum of the Order of St. John Wedding Photography – Helena and Daren

It’s always a wonderful breath of fresh air travelling down to the big smoke (pun totally intended). At least for a country boy like me. Especially when you get to work at two amazing venues such as the Museum of the Order of St. John and The Peasant, in Clerkenwell, London. I mean if you choose your venue well you basically don’t need to worry too much about decorations and stuff, it’s all there already! And both the Museum and The Peasant proved that massively, with Helena and Daren’s choice of flowers setting off the decor beautifully. Not only that but both buildings are blessed with amazing light, another important consideration most wedding venues seem to be completely oblivious of!


What an amazing bunch of people to spend the day with, it was a relatively intimate wedding, close families and close friends. A lot of love. I really enjoy shooting weddings like this. It’s always so much more fun, people feel connected and are more relaxed, as a result people don’t seem to flinch having a camera pointed at them! So much easier working in these conditions and I think the results show for themselves. This is me working documentary style to the max. Such little posing going on, which for me is what it’s all about. Natural wedding photography – people being themselves and looking themselves. I’m just telling the story of the day.


Thank you so much to Helena and Daren for asking me to photograph your amazing wedding. And I’m very much looking forward to my next trip down to London for Helena’s bridesmaid Hannah and my old friend Matt’s wedding next week.


If you’re planning on getting married at the Museum of the Order of St. John and like what you see do please get in touch!



January 22, 2021