London Engagement Photography

London Engagement Photography


It’s always good to get out of Norfolk and Suffolk. Don’t get me wrong, I love rural East Anglia! But still, it’s nice to venture down to the big smoke every now and then. So when Emily and Pete got in contact about photographing their London wedding I got very excited. It’s always nice to push the boundaries a bit. Swap the green fields for the grey concrete (although, like homing pigeons, we naturally headed towards the nearest green space). So before the wedding itself I headed down to London for some engagement photography. It was fun. We went out and about. Saw the sites (of Lewisham at least). Ventured into the amazing Aladdin’s Cave, full of more junk then you could ever imagine, the concept of being able to actually extract the one thing you wanted from the mountains of quality goods seemed a logistical impossibility.

Anway, I had a great time, and I think we got some beautiful shots, it even stopped raining especially for us. In fact it has increased my love affair for the big city. I don’t have to wait long though for my next opportunity to take advantage of this. I’m off to London town on Saturday to photograph the wedding, the first really of the so-called ‘season’. And I can’t wait!

Noted: always nice to finish a photo shoot with a pint! This one is a pint of porter from the Brockley Brewery – ex neighbours of Emily and Pete, supplying beer for the big day itself. Cheers!


April 7, 2015