Kathryn and Adam’s Columbine Hall Wedding

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Kathryn and Adam’s Columbine Hall Wedding

More summer nostalgia! I really loved the wedding of Kathryn and Adam, for a start it was my first time visiting the beautiful Columbine Hall, but more importantly there was such a feeling of love surrounding the day. Everything was organised by the couple themselves and their close group of family and friends from the church they attend (check out the amazing flowers from Rose & Berry Flowers – Naomi being Kathryn’s bridesmaid and new sister-in-law). You could really feel a sense of community. And as a photographer that immediately makes things easier for me, people are more relaxed and free.

What an amazing day for it as well, the weather was just perfect, blue skies with puffy white clouds, in such idyllic surroundings, it just worked. We had spent quite a bit of time together before the wedding, not only meeting up to plan the day but also for an amazing engagement shoot at Helmingham Hall.¬† It is great to build up that relationship with clients before the wedding day itself, it is so important for those relaxed photos that tell the story so well of a couple’s love!

The day was finished perfectly with an amazing Ceilidh (when did they stop being called barn dances though?), such a fun ending to any wedding day, there is absolutely no excuse¬† not to dance around with the utmost energy, there is absolutely nothing to prove. I always get a bit jealous at this stage because I really just want to stay and dance, but I can’t. Alas. Still, it’s a great opportunity for some fun shots.

Anyway if you’re planning a wedding in Mid Suffolk Columbine Hall is definitely worth checking out for the gorgeous Oak rafters and the amazing location. There really is nothing to fault, the cattle grazing in the meadows outside the moat really top it for me!

Amazing people, amazing light, amazing surroundings, amazing day (do I use ‘amazing’ too much? Probably but it is so right!)


February 10, 2016