Helmingham Hall Engagement Shoot

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Helmingham Hall Engagement Shoot

This was in fact my first trip to Helmingham Hall and certainly won’t be my last! I was excited when Kathryn and Adam suggested the visit for our engagement shoot, a great opportunity to go out and see a new part of Suffolk. And what a lovely day it was. The previous day had been tipping it down, and considering this was late April we were lucky.

I know I always say this but I really do love doing engagement shoots. They’re such a great opportunity to get to know better the couples whose weddings I’m photographing, we basically just go for a walk for an hour or two in some really beautiful places and take a few photos. It takes all the ‘weirdness’ out of being photographed. It helps people feel relaxed in front of the camera. It’s good to have a good relationship with your photographer!

The Helmingham estate is amazing, there a deer all over the place, and sheep and horses. I love the big Suffolk estates, it’s so wonderful just to be able to wander about, to be free from fences and hedges. Arable fields aren’t quite the same, we don’t have so much true open space, so those bits that do remain are even more valuable. And especially now so many of these estates are open to the public. I’m sure it wasn’t once so rosy when large swathes of the countryside were enclosed and the commoners denied access, but perhaps this is not the place for a rant on the enclosures!

I’m very much looking forward to photographing Kathryn and Adam’s wedding in June at Mickfield and then Columbine Hall in Stowupland. I just know it’s going to be such a beautiful day with so many friends and family helping out to make it all happen. I’m pretty lucky to be able to spend these times of such deep love with some amazing people!

P.s. I’d been waiting for an opportunity to photograph a rape field. They might not be the best crop in environmental terms but they certainly are beautiful!


May 29, 2015