London Wedding Photography – Emily and Pete

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London Wedding Photography – Emily and Pete

Ahhh! I loved photographing this wedding so much! I always get excited about all new weddings I book. If I didn’t I probably should be doing something more productive with my time. Seriously though, from that first contact with a couple, through to an engagement shoot, through to planning the photography and then the actual wedding itself, it is a joy. I love the relationships I build up with my clients. I think it is so important when trying to capture beautiful, relaxed natural weddings; we need to be singing from the same hymn sheet, we need to feel relaxed together, it goes both ways. I really think this shines through in these photos!

As mentioned before, it’s always great to get out of my native Norfolk and travel down to the big city for some London wedding photography! Cities are fun (and I do have a thing about brick walls). They are all so unique! I love the contrasts, the juxtapositions: weddings / cities. In a way cities are just as organic as the countryside, they’re both constantly developing, constantly morphing into something new and unique, it is the same. What’s different is the means: cities use concrete, the countryside uses chlorophyll… (although sometimes they switch round admittedly).

I was so interested from the outset, firstly the ceremony took place in the amazing Jerwood Space, an art gallery converted from an old school. Victorian curves combined with modernist corners. Then there was the Routemaster to ferry (or should that be bus) everyone to the reception at the East Dulwich Tavern. And what a spectacular pub that is. It definitely makes sense getting married in cared for places. When people care about the aesthetics of their venue, and that care is broadly in line with your appreciation, half the work of decorating has been done for you. It’s all in the details… Seriously. It’s the little things that give the big things their impact…

Anyway, what an amazing day it was, I’ll stop now. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think!


June 1, 2015