Kat and Mark’s Blackthorpe Barn Wedding

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Kat and Mark’s Blackthorpe Barn Wedding

I’m a Suffolk boy born and bred and I grew up in the next door village to Blackthorpe Barn, so I know it well, although this was the first time I’d had the opportunity to photograph a wedding there. And what better wedding to begin with!

It was such an amazing and fun filled day, Kat and Mark had everything planned out so well, everything was so colourful and, well, just easy going. Mark was in his element as an arboriculturist since the Blackthorpe Barn estate is littered with the most amazing ancient trees, something I’m rather partial to myself. And as for the barn itself, it lends itself so well as a wedding venue.

I love the barns scattered across our countryside, they are beautiful and majestic creations built hundreds of years ago with the most minimal of hand tools and the most hardy of venerable English oaks. I sometimes think of the amusement of the old farm labourers of 100 or 200 years ago if they were to know that we would be using their grain stores and cow sheds to host amazingly beautiful, formal events. Somehow I doubt the modern steel and concrete agricultural buildings will share the same fate…

Anyway, I digress. What a knees up, such a bunch of fun loving party animals. I was fortunate to stay to the end of this one. It was the first official outing for my vintage photobooth (www.thetravellingbooth.co.uk), so I stayed whilst it ran after my official photographer duties had ended. Obviously though I kept my camera on me and was glad to get some excellent dancing shots as the night wore on. And what an amazing band, they even played Rage Against the Machine which went down amazingly! Not your average wedding ballad.

I’m already feeling nostalgia for the summer, and although the quiet of the winter is certainly relaxing, I cannot wait for the action of the wedding season again!

Vive l’été!


December 4, 2015