Best of 2016… Norfolk Wedding Photography and more

Well what a year 2016 has been. It’s had its ups and downs, just like any year, but I don’t want to dwell on the downs, besides 2017 hasn’t exactly got off to an amazing start on the global political front! Instead I want to focus on the ups, of which there have been many. Obviously.  Babies have been born, people have fallen in love, couples have tied the knot, we have demonstrated our love for our loved ones and random strangers in a plethora of wonderful ways.  I have met some really beautiful people this year and have had the amazing opportunity of photographing their weddings across the beautiful counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire  – the counties which make up this wonderful lump of England we call East Anglia, plus a little bit of London. I’ve had the almost impossible task of filtering down the approximate 50,000 or so photos I’ve taken this year to my favourite 200, it’s not just Norfolk wedding photography but also some the engagement shoots I’ve had so much enjoyment photographing this year.


Massive thanks goes out to all the amazing people who have asked me to work with them, I have really enjoyed getting to know you and being able to creatively document your weddings. I am honoured. I totally appreciate the privilege you’ve given me. Every time I’m transported back to my own wedding. It’s emotional! It’s clear that marriage still plays an important role in our society, that publicly saying ‘I do’ strengthens loving and grounding relationships which are so vital in a complex and often chaotic world. It’s also seems clear that art and an appreciation for aesthetics is equally important. Having timeless images to remind us of and to celebrate such important moments as our wedding day is invaluable. Time continues to move forwards, the world continues to change, but human nature remains largely the same; we have the same desire for creativity and love. Let’s hope the future can recognise these central pillars of our existence as valuable guides towards positive change in the world!


I’ve also had the opportunity to work alongside some really cool individuals, makeup artists, hairdressers, florists, caterers, videographers, vicars, celebrants to name a few. And I’ve worked at some amazing venues: Chaucer Barn, Godwick Hall, Southwood HallHush Venues, Leez Priory, Butley Priory, The Old Hall, Ely Cathedral, Tuddenham Mill, The Barandov Opera to name a few.


Massive thanks also goes out to the excellent Jess Hay who’s worked as my second shooter for many weddings this year. She’s brilliant and has taken loads of great photos!


I’m excited to see how the coming year pans out. I’ve got loads of wonderful weddings booked, some fantastic clients to work with, and loads of ideas to try out…


So here’s to 2017, let’s make it a good one!



January 22, 2021