Anna & Simon’s London Wedding at Victoria Stakes

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Anna & Simon’s London Wedding at Victoria Stakes

It’s great to have a bit of time between shooting a wedding and getting round to posting it on the blog (if I ever end up doing it at all!). It’s quite a process photographing a wedding,  starting by building a relationship with the couple, through to shooting the wedding, then culling the thousands of images on my cards at the end of the day, and finally editing the chosen photographs to ensure they look just how I want them to. I never feel that I’m best placed to critique those photos immediately after delivering to the client, but 6 months or so down the line I am. And it can be pretty emotional, especially when working with such amazing people as Anna, Simon and their family and friends. It’s weddings like this that I come home buzzing, it’s so great to be surrounded by such real love, which I hope is obvious from this collection, the smiles are never ending from beginning to end, it was a truly joyful day.


I love heading to London for work as well, I know it’s not every photographers cup of tea but I love the buzz of the city and being a country boy myself London never fails to excite me with it’s diversity and generally just how much interesting stuff and people are packed in there! The wedding itself took place at St. Saviour’s Church N4 in Islington, a wonderful open space and an obviously strong community. We took a little trip up to Alexandra Palace to get some shots looking out over the city which was well worth it, finding some beautiful trees and long grass, not to mention Ice Cream vans, lots of random people at a tattoo convention and a black cab ride! What a day out. Not to end there! On to The Victoria Stakes on Muswell Hill.


The Victoria Stakes is one of those venues which just looks amazing, in fact couldn’t fail to look amazing. As  a wedding photographer I get to visit some pretty varied places, sometimes with very dodgy lighting or some pretty questionable decor choices made at some point in the not too distant past. There’s none of that at The Victoria Stakes, in face it tends to be the case in most London venues I’ve shot in, but this was particularly special. Partly because the Yard – where the meal took place – was kinda indoors, kinda out. There was a sort of glass ceiling, it was very open and the natural light was soft and, well, natural – bolstered by the gorgeous festoon lighting in the evening. Oh yeah and the food wasn’t bad either… But I should stop gushing, I’m not writing a review here (although perhaps I should?!) – you can check out the photos to see what I mean! Anyway the party went off, from the outset everyone was up and dancing, there was a conga (and who doesn’t love a conga? No one), there was a limbo, and most importantly there was a dance off between Simon and his new father-in-law, results were inconclusive but let’s just say Anna’s dad’s chicken dance has definitely been a highlight of the year so far!


Oh did I mention the auction of Simon’s self portrait of his crotch and guitar? No? Well check it out, it’s a goodun!



January 22, 2021