I’m Benjamin (most people call me Ben), a photographer (obviously!) based in Newport Pembrokeshire. I mostly photograph weddings but also shoot family portraits and commercial stuff. I like to get involved in other interesting projects, especially those with a focus on environmental and social justice.

So who am I? Well I’m married to my best friend (fortunately!) and dad of three amazingly crazy kiddos, two boys and a girl, in case you’re interested! We moved to Pembrokeshire in 2018 from our previous home in rural Suffolk. We live in a kind of eco farm community called Brithdir Mawr, we grow loads of veggies, milk goats, keep hens, and rear sheep and pigs. I love brewing beer and making charcuterie and just generally cooking food and spending time with friends! I love music, from electronica to folk to punk to reggae, playing as well as listening. I sing with some other men and play guitar with some other folk doing circle dances and ceilidhs as well as singing with my lovely wife Eve at open mic nights. I love being outside and doing stuff, making things, growing things, seeing things, appreciating things. I love crafts and crafty people; I love skill sharing and a DIY ethic. Oh… and I love photography.

My photography days go right back to year dot, pretty much. I’ve always loved taking photos. I must get it from my dad, he was there throughout my childhood snapping away, still is when we’re together, nothing fancy, nothing revolutionary, just documenting life. The 50 odd, sugar paper scrap books with names and dates meticulously recorded are testament to that!


Dogger at Stonehenge!

Photography is important to me. I love looking back at my childhood photographs, suitcases of them, little packets with the negatives slipped inside. Photos of holidays, photos of friends, photos of little things I’ve noticed, photos of special occasions. It’s all important.


Looking at that one photo immediately takes you back to that night camping on Bodmin Moor, singing to the guitar in the mist;  or that day  you  walked  round  Stonehenge  with your fam, or even that  day you said ‘I do’ to your life partner. It’s real and tangible. I love photographs.

I’m conscientious, I don’t settle for second best, in fact I’m a bit of a perfectionist in some ways. I suppose I like order. I like chaos as well, it fascinates me visually, but creatively I’ve always found myself working towards making things that make sense, that represent reality. I suppose that’s how I’ve found myself documenting weddings and lives.


Expressionist childhood photography on 126 format film!

I’ve come to work as a photographer in a roundabout way. I studied International Development at university in Leeds and then later went on to study for a master’s degree in Conservation Management. I love learning, it’s important; it has intrinsic value to me. I didn’t grow up with a career plan, I’ve let things develop, from one opportunity to the next, experiencing other cultures, working with my hands, working with people. And here I am. The one thing that has run concurrent throughout is my photography, ever changing, constantly developing.

So what about my style as a photographer? well I don’t mess about: I like light, I like nature, I like buildings, I like kids, I like animals and just generally, I suppose, I like working with reality, not creating fantasy… For me it’s not just about making an image, it’s about portraying an emotion, it’s about showing the depth of a relationship, it’s about understanding why. I love clean images, I love smooth contours, but I also love rough surfaces and I love decay. I suppose I love juxtapositions. I’m not into cheesy posing or things that will make me cringe 5 years from now. It’s all about the moment for me, it’s about documenting you. It’s about telling a story. But don’t take my word for it, have a look at my work and if you like it and think we’ll get along then please get in touch.